Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Power of Prayer!

Hello my dear family and friends! my time is short but i want to share my favorite thing about this past week with you. and it is prayer!
as missionaries we have the awesome opprtunity to invite our investigator to pray! we always ask them to give the closing prayer on the very first visit! they are often a little startled and most of the time decline the invitation. but then we teach them he simple way of prayer and the reason for it. then we kneel and they offer their first prayer to their Father in Heaven. It is a blessing to hear their first prayer! there is such a spirit. i think its so sad that theyve never prayed before , but i feel so lucky to share with them how too! one sister we taught this week gave a prayer, she stopped in the middle and said she couldnt continue without crying.i said thats okay to cry! her name is annabelle she is 48, i can tell by just looking at her face that shes hurt and lonely. shes really acceting the gospel and accepted the invitation to be baptized in may. i know the goospel will make her feel whole again through th Atonement of Jesus Christ.we also come into contact with people who don't know much about Jesus Christ. we were teaching someone about the godhead and she said "But Jesus isnt really important, right?" when she said that my heart kind of dropped. she didnt know really anything about Him. but i had the opportunity to share my testimony of the Savior and the things he did and who He is. i really love seeing people meet their Savior and Father in Heaven more while im here in the mission. Heavenly Father really does have an individual love for each of His children. I love the gospel, i love this work and i love my Savior and Father in Heaven! here is a short mormon message on prayer!

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