Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baptism and exchanges

Hello! well its been quite the pday....we started at another computer shop then the power went out so we traveled like 30  minutes away to come here. this week was so awesome im so excited to share!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.) Baptism! the father and two daughters of the san pedro family were baptized! their baptism was at 7:30 sunday morning and they showed up about 6:30! they were the first ones at the church! the father was really emotional. he is so humble. when we gave him the picture of Jesus Christ that we give to all those who are baptized he could barely hold himself together. if you remember he has had two strokes and has a blood clot in his head. this whole week his head hasnt hurt. that has never happened before. he bore his testimony after he was baptized and said it was a day he and his family would never forget. it was so cute cuz after church he stood at the door to shake everyones hand who was leaving like he was a missionary haha. im so happy for him, he truly has been changed through the atonement. 

2.) im 17 and from europe! so a lot of people ask how old i am and where i am from. i usually tell them to guess. about half the people say america and the other half say somewhere in europe like germany or sweden. but lately a lot of people have been saying i look 17. ouch......i guess my baby face hasnt gone away yet!

3.) ITS SO HOT...just thought i would say....

4.) i had an interesting experience yesterday. we were teaching a recent convert outside and before that we met this other man. we actually did meet him ,we just walked by him and he yelled out "MORMONS!" "JOHN SMITH". well we sat down to teach at our appoinment and he followed us and sat down in our appointment with us. i thought he was just kind of slow so i introduced us. but then he started blurting out bible verses and anyways i realized maybe he is drunk. at one point of the lesson he said he would be right back , he was going to get his camera to take a picture of me. as soon as he left we prayed and then closed the appointment and were out of there! it was strange.....he kept saying john smith! thats one funny thing here in the philippines! a lot of times you will just be walking and people (usually kids) will blurt out "mormons!" and say nothing else. it makes for a good laugh.

5.) on thursday i got to go on exchanges! It was a really good experience! i felt the spirit really strong. and its because i used the book of mormon more. in the lessons and just talking to people on the street. i have really come to love the book of mormon. we dont realize how much of a blessing it is. one thing that i have come to really love is the introduction of the book of mormon. we always read it or have our investigators read it. its pretty amazing when you ponder what it says. it says that in the book of mormon we learn the gospel of Jesus Christ,the plan of salvation, and what we need to do to have eternal life. everything we need to know how to be happy is in the book of mormon. i know its true with all of my heart. i have felt it stronger than ever as i testified of it this week.dont take the book of mormon for granted! 

love sister peavler<3

Monday, June 22, 2015

Use our time wisely, our exaltation depends on it!

hello family! 
well this week was an eventful one~!
1.) we had a mission tour with elder bowen of the 70! he spoke to our whole mission. he taught us a lot but the thing he wanted us to understand is WHO WE ARE SO WE WILL ACT ACCORDINGLY. he reminded us that we are the descendents of abraham which means we can possess all that he has! one thing that he said really stuck out to me about this. he said that for him the term "hell" would be the feeling if when he gets to the other side and see what he could have become but wasted time on earth. we were called and set apart before this life, we are inheritors of God' kingdom, we have to do all we can to be blessed with that. i dont want to get to the other side of the veil and see that i sold everything on earth "for a mess of pottage" as older bowen said. we need to use this time wisely. our exaltation depends on it!
2.) Baptism! this weekend we will be having a baptism! it is a father with two daughters. the father has had 2 strokes. because of this his head constantly hurts and he forgets almost all the lessons we teach him. the day of his interview we had a fast for him, and after the interview he and  the district leader said he remembered everything! that was truly a miracle! :)
3.) RAIN!!! the rain is slowly coming! its a pain cuz it interferes with the work! one day it rained so hard we were stuck in someoines house for about an hour then we went home to have dinner then it rained again. on those days its a race against the rain! one day we were walking and then we saw someone we needed to teach because we can never find him. right when we went until their house it started storming really bad! this happens alot! like we will be walking then we go inside to teac a lesson and it starts pouring then when we go back outside it calms down and eventually stops. Heavenly Father takes good care of His missionaries!!
4.)bible basher! only twice in my mission have a ran into someone that wanted nothing to do with us but argue. well this week was one of those times! this man came up to me and asked where i am from. thats the benifit of being a foreigner in the phillipines as a missionary. people come up to you! anyways...i told him where i am from and why i am here. when i started telling him why i am here through a short overvuew of the restoration, he interrupted me several times for me to show him a bible reference. i said please wait because i just started to talk and he kept jumping in! anyways the member went to go get her bible so we could share to him. but then we just realized it was no use cuz he didnt want to know anything just argue. but it was really exciting! its so awesome standing there while he is telling me that he has more experience then me and im just thinking oh but if you only knew......i asked him if God changes and he said no. then i said he can find out the truth through prayer and he said God doesnt speak to man. so i said he did back then and he doesnt change right? anyways it was interesting!
well the power went off in the computer shop i better send this before it goes off again

sorry i got to go....................love Sister Peavler
This was after zone conference 

my zone went to a milk factory this morning....this is the first fresh milk ive had in a year!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


hello family and friends! hope all is well there in hot arizona! all is well here in hot philippines :) 
1.) TRANSFERRED! so yup i got transferred! theres two sides of my mission. cab side and tarlac side. my whole mission ive been on tarlac side but i got transferred to cab side! which is exciting! this side is closer to the beach! but my area isnt close to the beach....anyways my new area is in guimba zone. the area in which i serve is MUNOZ,GUIMBA. when i told other missionaries where i was going they all told me i was super lucky!! because the branch here is appararently "zion". well ive only been here a few days and they were right! the work here is awesome! but even more awesome is the support from the members! being a missionary you really learn what we as members should do to help the missionaries with the work. the members here work with us, fellowship the new members or investigators, and feed us....alot. anyways im excited and grateful to be here! 

2.) new area-new companion! my new companion is sister Tumala! she is from midenow (i dont know if i spelt that right) but its the most southern island of the Philippines! Anyways...shes awesome! she is one of the kindest people ive ever met! and she cooks! its like eating at a restaraunt everyday! the two other sisters in our house are also philipina! im the only american! its fun! 

3.) ive only been here for a few days so i dont have much to write but i guess i do have a funny experience. there is this elderly man here who recently got baptized. everytime he sees me he says "sobrang maputi" which means so white haha! he tells me when he sees me its like when joseph smith saw the first vision. i have gotten tanner! but to the people here im so white. 

4.) we are teaching another elderly man too they call the old men here "tatay" and the old women "nanay" anyways we are teaching a recent convert who is a tatay. its really interesting because he is deaf! the lessons are made really simple and we write down everything on paper then he reads it then responds. he's really sweet! its a sweet spirit cuz its so quiet! 

5.) we were sad yesterday because none of the investigators came to church. but there is this one lady who isnt a member but shes been coming to church for about a month now. so right after church we taught her. her name is visa shes about 5o years old. shes really smart! she speaks mostly in english.which is nice;) but our lesson went really well and she commited to be baptized on july 11! she has so much faith. she told us one time she didnt come to church and she had such a bad feeling so she never wants that feeling again. she said she feels so happy here in the church!

well im excited to tell you my experiences more next week! love ya all! remember SUPPORT the missionaries in your ward:) ask what you can do! the gospel is true, the Lord lives and knows us!
Sister Peavler 
After a long and hard day's work we went to a showing of Meet the Mormons!

this is tatay apdan in my last area before i left. he is less active. you can usually find him and his wife sitting on there front door step:) 

       You all will be surprised but this is a typical phillipino meal! spaghetti with fried chicken...no joke!!! one of the members fed us before we were transferred

This is the arceo family in my last area.....they are the ones i told you about who he is less active and his wife is an investigator....i think i will miss them the most ;(

this is sweet jarielle and her siblings. this is the last day we taught her before i was transferred

This is nanay norma and her grandson who is the branch mission leader. nanay norma loves the missionaries! she washes our clothes and works with us whenever we need her! a couple weeks ago she thought i was going home because a sister in our house was going home, anyways she came to our house crying and said "sister peavler i came to say goodbye" and i kind of laughed because it was so cute! i told her transfers arnt until next week and im not going home haha! shes so sweet.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

No doubt that what I am teaching is true

        So this week was awesome! so many great experiences!! i will summarize but try not to leave out many details:)
I'm excited to report this week. i usually always am but my mind is just reflecting of the experiences of this week and they are so great! i really love being her in moncada especially with sister canencia. we are getting to become really great friends. its been a blessing to be with her every day. In our studies,promptings and other ways we are becoming one.this is the most unified ive felt in a companionship before. 
we are working with one particular family. the husband was baptized when he was very young and is now less active. the wife is an investigator. i really love this family. i have seen their growth so much. but its usually when we are there. they have a hard time keeping commitments. they always makes commitments but dont keep them. so yesterday i studied in preach my gospel about helping them keep commitments. last night when we went to them we extended commitments a little differently. we really emphasized the promised blessings. the spirit was so strong. because i remembered about what is says in preach my gospel about we should read often with our investigators. so last night we focused on 3rd nephi chapter 11 with them. i felt so much peace. i know with all my heart the book of mormon is true.after we read i asked hoe she felt from reading the book of mormon. she said that she felt that our father in heaven lives. i thought that was so awesome! thats the purpose of the book of mormon! to bear witness of the father and the son! and she got it! she understood it! there was so mch peace in their home.  i have such a testimony of preach my gospel. it is truly inspired. one day in my personal studies i had the feeling to study some of the chapter on the book of mormon. and how to use it to respond to objections. then in language study i had the feeling to study 3 nephi 27 where it talks about Christ's church being called after his name. im so glad i followed those promptings. our first lesson is one i will never forget. we were teaching an older women. her husband came in in the middle of the lesson. he had a very hard heart. he wanted evidence. that the church is true and has authority because all churches say that. president the lesson was so exciting! me and sister canencia bore witness through testimony about his questions. then i remembered what i studied earlier about using the book of mormon to respond to objections. then i remembered the chapter i read in language study. we opened our scriptures and we read where i studied earlier. the older man did not want to beleive anything but i know i was prompted to study those things for a reason! he wasnt very kind but there came a point when he said where does the authority come from? sister canencia taught clearly about the restoration of the priesthood and the church. until this he wasnt very happy. but at this moment he got so angry. he said he wouldnt believe us because we lack one thing....a degree in theology.i thought that was kind of a strange thing to say...anyways i said we dont need a degree to share the message of God. we have been called by a prophet.i dont think he really liked me...but anyways  we bore testimony ,invited him to pray and ask, then closed the lesson. i love this work. theres nothing else like the feeling of being a missionary! usually people just accept what we teach. they dont always act, but they usually always kindly accept what we teach. but this man was different and it was exciting! because we had all the answers! although he didnt beleive anything we said, i have no doubt in my mind what we taught was true. 
we also had a one day mission with the branch missionaries! that was fun! they spent the whole day with us. we got to teach them about missionary work and then we had lunch together. then we went out to work! a lot of them are preparing to go on missions so it was a good experience! but i leanred a lot from them. i worked with two youth nessy, and joshua. nessy is a recent convert of about a year and is 17. she is so knowledgable about the gospel and so confident in teaching and bearing testiomony! joshua is awesome at earning peoples trust. he is sincere and has charity to all the people. i learned from them again to enjoy missionary work even when things are going hard. somtimes its easy to get caught up in everything thats not going right. but that day i realized sister peavler relax and enjoy! :) anyways this was a great blessed week. love and miss you all! 
love sister peavler 

this was before branch conference. this was everyone in the choir. we sang "becvause he lives" and "come unto Christ"

we had a fashion show at the sister conference and me and sister norman represented our zone! it was fun! this is sister daly , janae jone's cousin...shes coming to mesa for the wedding this week. look for her!
My companion eating our favorite dessert halo halo

Me and my companion

this is sister laiti.she is samoan and from australia! she has become like a sister to me. shes making a sad face because her mission is over and she goes home tomorrow:( but im so grateful to have met her! this picture was taken at an FHE 

We has a mission sisters conference! this was the first time i got to see all my sisters together that i went into with in the MTC. it was fun seeing them! the mission presidents wife put the conference together. it was a really special day! she reminded us that we always need to remember how much we are loved.

This is brother Bong and sister Rosie. this morning we went to go withdraw money from the ATM being the first of the month. well the atm was down in our area. so these two angels drove us to another town to withdraw. then we had breakfast. they are the best! always helping us out!