Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baptism and exchanges

Hello! well its been quite the pday....we started at another computer shop then the power went out so we traveled like 30  minutes away to come here. this week was so awesome im so excited to share!!!!!!!!!!!!
1.) Baptism! the father and two daughters of the san pedro family were baptized! their baptism was at 7:30 sunday morning and they showed up about 6:30! they were the first ones at the church! the father was really emotional. he is so humble. when we gave him the picture of Jesus Christ that we give to all those who are baptized he could barely hold himself together. if you remember he has had two strokes and has a blood clot in his head. this whole week his head hasnt hurt. that has never happened before. he bore his testimony after he was baptized and said it was a day he and his family would never forget. it was so cute cuz after church he stood at the door to shake everyones hand who was leaving like he was a missionary haha. im so happy for him, he truly has been changed through the atonement. 

2.) im 17 and from europe! so a lot of people ask how old i am and where i am from. i usually tell them to guess. about half the people say america and the other half say somewhere in europe like germany or sweden. but lately a lot of people have been saying i look 17. ouch......i guess my baby face hasnt gone away yet!

3.) ITS SO HOT...just thought i would say....

4.) i had an interesting experience yesterday. we were teaching a recent convert outside and before that we met this other man. we actually did meet him ,we just walked by him and he yelled out "MORMONS!" "JOHN SMITH". well we sat down to teach at our appoinment and he followed us and sat down in our appointment with us. i thought he was just kind of slow so i introduced us. but then he started blurting out bible verses and anyways i realized maybe he is drunk. at one point of the lesson he said he would be right back , he was going to get his camera to take a picture of me. as soon as he left we prayed and then closed the appointment and were out of there! it was strange.....he kept saying john smith! thats one funny thing here in the philippines! a lot of times you will just be walking and people (usually kids) will blurt out "mormons!" and say nothing else. it makes for a good laugh.

5.) on thursday i got to go on exchanges! It was a really good experience! i felt the spirit really strong. and its because i used the book of mormon more. in the lessons and just talking to people on the street. i have really come to love the book of mormon. we dont realize how much of a blessing it is. one thing that i have come to really love is the introduction of the book of mormon. we always read it or have our investigators read it. its pretty amazing when you ponder what it says. it says that in the book of mormon we learn the gospel of Jesus Christ,the plan of salvation, and what we need to do to have eternal life. everything we need to know how to be happy is in the book of mormon. i know its true with all of my heart. i have felt it stronger than ever as i testified of it this week.dont take the book of mormon for granted! 

love sister peavler<3

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