Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 6 in Munoz Guimba

    Well this has been my 6th week in my new area. I have really loved it! this is the area where i have been rejected the most but its okay cuz the miracles have been so worth it! our emailing time in this mission got cut in half. so if my letters are shorter now ,that's why. but anyways one of our investigators is getting baptized on this coming sunday! hopefully i stay in my area to see it! he is 15 years old and his name is marvin. he is very smart and loves learning about the gospel. we also have this investigator who is a lady in her 50s i think i mentioned her last week. her name is paget. but anywas weve only taught her twice and she has come to church the past two weeks. she really loves it. she will be getting baprized the first sunday of august! we also have this investigator visa. we met with her yesterday to teach the plan of salvation. she said when she reads the book of mormon the teachings sound familiar to her. but when people teach the doctrine it doesnt sound as good to her. shes having a really hard time when she hears that this is the Lord's true church. we've tried to teach ad reteach the apostacty and restoration. because really if the apostasy and restoration happened then everything else has to be true. but she is very "energistic" she is into yoga and meditation. which is good. but she likes Buddhism. but she said when she reads the book of mormon ans comes to church she really likes this church. but she likes to think deep. after teaching her the plan of salvation she said the teaching was too simple. and i said that's the gospel of Jesus Christ-simple. but she likes to take everything and go under the surface. which can be dangerous when gainging a testimony. im not sure what will happen with sister visa, but hopefully she will gain a testimony of the restoration and joseph smith. so im going to go now*********************** but this message is for all senior couples*************** my mission is running short on senior misionaries. WE NEED YOU! if you can come to this mission(not if you can but if you will) please let me know whoever has read this nd is able to come. my prsident asked us to ask people from home. our mission is shrinknig little by little. and we need senior couples! well love you and thanks for your love and support!
love sister peavler<3

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One Year Mark!

hello all! im excited to share about this week!:) the time is going by so fast! i hit my year mark! less than 6 months remaining......crazy! my companion surprised me with a cake at 6:30 in the morning! we had a good breakfast!  anyways heres the good stuff...:)

1.)nanay paget. she is our new investigator! she came to church yesterday and we just started teaching her last week! she actually has been taught before by other missionaries. anyways there really is a perfect timing for everyone. this is her time. she was in so much despair in her life. when she told us of her life, the painful stories weighed heavy on myself. what am i supposed to do? this lady wass 3 times as old as me and been through a lot. but thats the amazing thing about being set apart as a missionary. Heavenly Father can give you exactly what you need to say. we taught her about the atonement. how its not only for our sins but also for our heavy burdens. until recently i have wondered how do i access this part of the atonement? the lifting my burdens part? my mission has been studying a lot of the atonement. especially during january. well until now i just couldnt get it, but i finally get it! i prayed to understand and the thought passed through my mind "obedience" thats actually what my mission is studying now obedience.the key to accessing the atonement is obedience. if we obey God and his commandments then He will give us the strength to overcome our trials.even if they wont go away he will give us strength to live a happy life despiter of what we are going through, as long as we are obedient. it sounds so obvious but it just clicked! like moroni 10:32 says come unto Christ ,deny yourself of ungodliness and then His grace will be made sufficient for you. (somehting like that:) doing all we can is not being perfect. its following the promptings of the Holy Ghost by yielding to the will of God. before we make a wrong decision we usually have the thought we shouldt do this but then we have two choices to follow or to not. if we yield to His will we will be blessed, if not,we wont. its so simple but so difficult sometimes! anyways the lesson went really well. she ended with a really sincere prayer that left us pretty much all in tears. we taught her again and said she felt important because we went to her home. we said of  course your important! anyways her goal date for baptism is in august! 

2.) hot,cold,dry,wet? the weather has been changing everyday. one day we are so hot, literally dripping, the next day its cold and rainy! but im just glas i havnt got sick from it! (knock on wood;) 

3.)FINDING/TEACHING EXPERIENCE..... so i was on splits with a member,mel, yesterday after church. we had a return appointment from someone we met casually the other day. well we went to there home and they wernt home. we had 2 hours until a planned teaching appoinment. so i thought ...okeedokee its time to find! finding in this area is a lot different than my other areas. its the most established area ive been in. there is poverty still here but there are many wealthy people. so the people here have big houses with gates. its kind of intimidating. i guess ive just been spoiled being in the philippines where usually we just find people on the street.we harly ever go knocking on doors.  but here we were in a neighborhood of houses with gates with two hours on our hands. this was only my second time finding in this area and i knew i couldnt do it alone. so i said a quick prayer in my mind to Heavenly Father asking where we should go. we started walking and the first house i saw, we stopped at. we could tell someone was home because the door was open. so i said "tao po" here in the philippines you dont say "tao po" and then the people will come outside. anyways this lady came outside and asked who we were and we told her. she said," sorry we are methodist." and i said, thats okay we would like to meet you! haha. well it was raining and i didnt have an umbrella so she opened her gate and told us to come inside. well this appointment was AWESOME!!!!!!! it was one of those golden apponitments! we started getting to know her and found out her husband recently died. before that she took care of him for 4 years after he had a stroke.before that her marriage was him mostly coming home every day drunk. anyways she said that she's recently become more religious, and by the things she was telling us we could tell she had been prepared to receive the fullness of the gospel. we started by teaching about the plan of salvation because of the death of her husband but then she asked what is different about our church. so then we started teaching the apostasy and restoration. she asked the golden question that every missionary like to hear.After telling her Christ established 1 church she said "so , if there are so many churches,how do we know which one is the truth?" then BOOM we told her the story of joseph smith and the restoration of the church and priesthood. i have never been in a lesson that long..she had a lot of quuestions which was awesome! anyways she was really open to learning and we have a return appointment with her! it was a really good experience! 

4.) oops we slipped! this is actually a funny and my companion were walking on the sidewalk close to the market. well we were passing a firestation and there was water all over the ground. there was an elderly lady holding a heavy bag and i was like i hope shes okay hopefully she doesnt slip or get hurt. then next thing i know i was on the ground! and me and my companion were walking with our arms linked so right when i slipped she slipped. it was quite the scene! we had a good laugh! and the kind elderly lady helped us get up hahaha.

well...until next week!
love sister peavler <3

My companion and the other sisters who we live with surprised me on my year mark:) i woke up to a cake!! 
sister sabaupan, sister tumala, and sister casimero , they are all from different parts of the philippines

Found some flower crowns while walking!