Monday, June 22, 2015

Use our time wisely, our exaltation depends on it!

hello family! 
well this week was an eventful one~!
1.) we had a mission tour with elder bowen of the 70! he spoke to our whole mission. he taught us a lot but the thing he wanted us to understand is WHO WE ARE SO WE WILL ACT ACCORDINGLY. he reminded us that we are the descendents of abraham which means we can possess all that he has! one thing that he said really stuck out to me about this. he said that for him the term "hell" would be the feeling if when he gets to the other side and see what he could have become but wasted time on earth. we were called and set apart before this life, we are inheritors of God' kingdom, we have to do all we can to be blessed with that. i dont want to get to the other side of the veil and see that i sold everything on earth "for a mess of pottage" as older bowen said. we need to use this time wisely. our exaltation depends on it!
2.) Baptism! this weekend we will be having a baptism! it is a father with two daughters. the father has had 2 strokes. because of this his head constantly hurts and he forgets almost all the lessons we teach him. the day of his interview we had a fast for him, and after the interview he and  the district leader said he remembered everything! that was truly a miracle! :)
3.) RAIN!!! the rain is slowly coming! its a pain cuz it interferes with the work! one day it rained so hard we were stuck in someoines house for about an hour then we went home to have dinner then it rained again. on those days its a race against the rain! one day we were walking and then we saw someone we needed to teach because we can never find him. right when we went until their house it started storming really bad! this happens alot! like we will be walking then we go inside to teac a lesson and it starts pouring then when we go back outside it calms down and eventually stops. Heavenly Father takes good care of His missionaries!!
4.)bible basher! only twice in my mission have a ran into someone that wanted nothing to do with us but argue. well this week was one of those times! this man came up to me and asked where i am from. thats the benifit of being a foreigner in the phillipines as a missionary. people come up to you! anyways...i told him where i am from and why i am here. when i started telling him why i am here through a short overvuew of the restoration, he interrupted me several times for me to show him a bible reference. i said please wait because i just started to talk and he kept jumping in! anyways the member went to go get her bible so we could share to him. but then we just realized it was no use cuz he didnt want to know anything just argue. but it was really exciting! its so awesome standing there while he is telling me that he has more experience then me and im just thinking oh but if you only knew......i asked him if God changes and he said no. then i said he can find out the truth through prayer and he said God doesnt speak to man. so i said he did back then and he doesnt change right? anyways it was interesting!
well the power went off in the computer shop i better send this before it goes off again

sorry i got to Sister Peavler
This was after zone conference 

my zone went to a milk factory this morning....this is the first fresh milk ive had in a year!

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  1. I am so proud of you Sis Peavler! Thank you for teaching me through your missionary posts. Love and hugs. Miss Sherie