Wednesday, June 10, 2015


hello family and friends! hope all is well there in hot arizona! all is well here in hot philippines :) 
1.) TRANSFERRED! so yup i got transferred! theres two sides of my mission. cab side and tarlac side. my whole mission ive been on tarlac side but i got transferred to cab side! which is exciting! this side is closer to the beach! but my area isnt close to the beach....anyways my new area is in guimba zone. the area in which i serve is MUNOZ,GUIMBA. when i told other missionaries where i was going they all told me i was super lucky!! because the branch here is appararently "zion". well ive only been here a few days and they were right! the work here is awesome! but even more awesome is the support from the members! being a missionary you really learn what we as members should do to help the missionaries with the work. the members here work with us, fellowship the new members or investigators, and feed us....alot. anyways im excited and grateful to be here! 

2.) new area-new companion! my new companion is sister Tumala! she is from midenow (i dont know if i spelt that right) but its the most southern island of the Philippines! Anyways...shes awesome! she is one of the kindest people ive ever met! and she cooks! its like eating at a restaraunt everyday! the two other sisters in our house are also philipina! im the only american! its fun! 

3.) ive only been here for a few days so i dont have much to write but i guess i do have a funny experience. there is this elderly man here who recently got baptized. everytime he sees me he says "sobrang maputi" which means so white haha! he tells me when he sees me its like when joseph smith saw the first vision. i have gotten tanner! but to the people here im so white. 

4.) we are teaching another elderly man too they call the old men here "tatay" and the old women "nanay" anyways we are teaching a recent convert who is a tatay. its really interesting because he is deaf! the lessons are made really simple and we write down everything on paper then he reads it then responds. he's really sweet! its a sweet spirit cuz its so quiet! 

5.) we were sad yesterday because none of the investigators came to church. but there is this one lady who isnt a member but shes been coming to church for about a month now. so right after church we taught her. her name is visa shes about 5o years old. shes really smart! she speaks mostly in english.which is nice;) but our lesson went really well and she commited to be baptized on july 11! she has so much faith. she told us one time she didnt come to church and she had such a bad feeling so she never wants that feeling again. she said she feels so happy here in the church!

well im excited to tell you my experiences more next week! love ya all! remember SUPPORT the missionaries in your ward:) ask what you can do! the gospel is true, the Lord lives and knows us!
Sister Peavler 
After a long and hard day's work we went to a showing of Meet the Mormons!

this is tatay apdan in my last area before i left. he is less active. you can usually find him and his wife sitting on there front door step:) 

       You all will be surprised but this is a typical phillipino meal! spaghetti with fried joke!!! one of the members fed us before we were transferred

This is the arceo family in my last area.....they are the ones i told you about who he is less active and his wife is an investigator....i think i will miss them the most ;(

this is sweet jarielle and her siblings. this is the last day we taught her before i was transferred

This is nanay norma and her grandson who is the branch mission leader. nanay norma loves the missionaries! she washes our clothes and works with us whenever we need her! a couple weeks ago she thought i was going home because a sister in our house was going home, anyways she came to our house crying and said "sister peavler i came to say goodbye" and i kind of laughed because it was so cute! i told her transfers arnt until next week and im not going home haha! shes so sweet.

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