Monday, March 23, 2015

The Plan of Salvation

hello all! im excited to tell you about my week here in the beautiful land of the Philippines! March is a good month! we are preparing to have baptisms in april! so hold your excitement cuz the baptism are coming next month!! but every day is exciting being a missionary!!

1.) the plan of salvation! so we all have drawn the plan of salvation a million times either in seminary or in sunday school. i remember once we drew it in 9th grade seminary and we drew everything but the atonement! my seminary teacher told us that we dropped out the very event that makes the whole plan possible! well this has been on my mind lately. the plan of salvation is actually one of the hardest lessons for me to give in tagaol so ive been focusing on it more so i can get it down! well we taught it to one of our investigators this past week. there was a really special spirit as we discussed and testified of the atonement. Hevaenly Father gave us this perfect plan. but its impossible without the Savior. first because we all sin. but we can repent. second we all have trials. but we can be strgthened in our trials through the atonement. so there's two parts! anyways now that i think about it its a blessing that i needed to study that lesson more to be able to teach it better in tagalog. cuz now i appreciate it and understand it better. its really so simple! Heavenly Father gave us this life so we can return to HIm and enjoy all the blessings He has! and He knows we cant do it alone so He gave His perfect Son! I am so grateful to know this plan! we are so blessed!
here is an awesome video! watch it!

this is all the time i have to write! but oh! i got a new companion! she is from cebu her name is sister canencia! she is awesome and really sweet! i'll send our picture soon! love ya all! thanks for your love and support! 
love sister peavler :) 

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