Monday, March 2, 2015

The atonement isn't just for sinners

hello all! im excited to tell you about my week:)

LAST WEEK! so this is the last full week in this transfer! it has flown by so fast! im sad because my awesome companion will be finishing her mission and goinghome! but im excited to meet my new companion! 
ive learned alot in this transfer but here are a few things....

1.) the atonement. there is so much more to the atonement than we really understand. its not just for sinners. its our key to overcome the natural man to qualify to live with Heavenly Father again. the natural man is so strong! our natural desires our against God's will. but the atonement and grace (or the enabling power) is the key to overcome that natural man. not just with sins but with any sorts of pains,trials,sickness,or sadness. when there are tirals, the natual man is weak, but with the help of the Savior we can be made strong. we just have to ASK. thats another thing iv'e been thinking about latley. i was reading in the book of mormon and i read a verse (sorry i forgot where) but it was saying to ask Hevaenly Father for the things we need. He already knows what we need, but we need to assk. oh i remember its in 3 nephi! anyways sometimes my prayers can get lazy then i remember how important prayer is! all of this, the enabling power of the atonement, any blssings you want have to start with prayer. i know the Lord hears every sincere prayer. i know becasue i have received several answers. and here on my mission my investigators have received things i have asked for them in my prayers. the key to our prayers tho is alligning them with the will of God. what does He want us to pray for? i never thought of that. but in preach my gospel there is somewhere that says to listen what the spirit would have you pray for! anyways its just interesting to me! 

SUMMER! so its close to summer here in the beautiful land of the philippines! basically it feels like an arizona summer but more humid! but the great thing is that in the morning and night its perfect weather! the people here call it "cold"but i love it! 

being summer that means more fruit! my companion and the othersisters i live wth make fun of me cuz im kind of obsessed with the fruit here! thats like all i eat! 
in every neighborhood there are these little stores called 'tindahans' and now thats its close to summer they all sell "halo-halo" its a cold treat but kind of weird! its like an cy but has beens and potatos in it. it sdounds weird but is actually good! oh! i tried that icecream they eat inside the bun or bread here! it ws actually really tasty! dont judge! ;)

well my time is up! love you all! 
Sister Peavler

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