Monday, February 23, 2015

Sharing my love through service

I'm sorry I don't have much time to write a big email!
but things are going great here! The highlight of my week was zone conference! A bunch of us missionaries got together and heard from our president and his wife, and other mission leaders! I got to see missionaries that were friends from the mtc! We traveled through really beautiful scenery to get there! After a flat tire we made it! Our mission has a big goal for this year of 2015. My mission president is a go getter! He reminds me so much of dad! He's funny and has a kind heart, but when it's business time, it's business time! He doesn't mess around! I'm excited to see the progress our mission will have from his leadership! 
     One thing my mission is really focusing on is real growth. Being truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a theme for us and the people we teach. We have been studying the atonement and repentance alot lately to fufill this theme of real growth. I've been reading jesus the Christ. It is amazing! Also the best source for understanding the Savior's atonement is through reading the Book of Mormon! I know the book of mormon is from a loving heavenly father who wants us to have guidance in our lives and be happy! I love sharing this with people everyday! My mission is becoming even more fun because I can speak better tagalog! Before I wanted to share so many things but I couldn't communicate! Now it is so much better and I feel so blessed! One quote I heard at zone conference was "it's not an event of learning a language, it's a journey of loving the people" and when I heard that I said a big amen in my head haha! Because that's exactly what the language taught me to do, is to love others and have charity. I couldn't share my love through words, I tried to show the people I love them through service. I want these people to know I really love them because I do! My favorite part of the mission is feeling Heavenly Father's love for them. It's such a blessing. and when i feel His love for them, i realize how much He loves me. anyways we also had a baptism this week, so that was awesome! his name is Brother Godfrey,he is 24. Hopefully he will serve a mission! He was so prepared to hear the gospel! After he was baptized he bore a sweet testimony. Theres nothing like hearing your investigators bare there testimony! It feels so fufilling! not because i did it, but got to go through the journey with them to get to this point! It's so awesomeeeeeee! I love being a missionary!!!!!!!
love sister peavler <3

Got to see some friends that I was in the MTC with!

Birthday Celebration!

Out for a celebratory dinner 

Brother Godfrey's baptism!

One of my favorite desserts here!

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