Monday, February 2, 2015

New Area!!!

hello all!:)


1.) transferred! so i was transferred to moncada,paniqui! its about 1 hour and 45 min from my last area. even tho ive only been here for a few days its truly been really great! first of all because i have a really awesome companion! her name is sister acosta! we have the best times together! we have many spiritual experiences but also many experiences where i cant stop laughing! this area is a little more established than my old area. the neighborhood i live in is almost like a neighborhood in america. i miss the litte kids in my last area! there arnt that many little kids here! but its okay cuz this area has its perks too ;) 

2.) one of those perks is nanay norma! she is 71! she works with us alot! we go to her house and say hi nanay we need a member to come with us and she hurrys and changes clothes and comes with us! she even walks far with us! and she shows us where all the less actives live! 

3.) another perk is the buko here! buko is coconut! unfortunately im still near the city. i say unfortuanley because the closer to the city the more expensive buko is. but a member in my new area has a buko tree! she is so nice. i told her buko is my favorite then she went to her trees and started knocking a bunch down from the tree! i had sooo much buko juice that day! 
 philippines just has the best fruit in general! if you are a fruit addict like me, come here! the have the most uniquie fruits! i tried this new one last last week called star apple! and of course the best mangos are here too! 

4.) im excited to work in this area for many reasons! ive been able to meet a few people these past few days. one person i met was tatay alex. he is a recent convert. he really wants his wife to join the church. he shared his conversion story with us and to his wife. it was a really sweet experience. he told us he had been baptized before but felt like there was something missing. even tho his life isnt perfect now he really knows this is the Lord's true church. i love hearing stories like this! 

5.) i love the gospel and i love being a missionary! and i love life! when you truly understand the gospel and the atonement, everything changes and you see everythinhg differently. so my advice to you is to pray to understand the atonement. we as a mission have been studying the atonement lately. there are tow parts. for sins and for strength. weve been focusing n the strength part and its enabling power. i know that i wouldnt be here in the mission if it wasnt for the atonement. missionarey work is tough work and i could not do it alone! i know the Lords carries me every single day! 

well this is a little about my first few days in my new area! next week ill be 20 when i email! ;)

This is Mariolus family she was baptized in december and her two sons will be baptized on feb 7!

Little kids in one of my areas. The little boys nickname is obama haha...

 this weeks baptism!
Isn't this little girl gorgeous?

Just about to email!

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