Sunday, January 18, 2015

The best birthday present I could ask for

Magandang Buhay! Here are my highlights/thoughts this week

1.) We will be having a baptism this Friday! Usually our baptisms are on Saturday but Saturday is fiesta. All week is fiesta but Saturday is the big fiesta. It's basically a big party every night! In one of the areas where we proselyte they put up some rides. I wish i could have taken a picture. The rides are so sketchy! There was this man putting together the roller coaster in his boxers and little kids swinging from the rails! it was crazy! but really funny! anyways..back to the baptism...Arvie jay will be baptized! he is 19 years old! we found him thru his girlfriend,Casylin. she works with us sometimes. Anyways we've been teaching him, and now he is ready to be baptized! I'm so excited!!!!! 

2.) February 7! So yes February seventh is my birthday....but what makes it even better is that we have 3 baptisms planned for that day! It will be the best present ever!!! 2 of the 3 people are the sons of a recent convert,Marilou. She was baptized in December  At first, her sons did not want to be taught. But their mom really loves this gospel. She has prayed long and hard for her sons to be willing to listen and now we teach them every other night and they are actively and excitedly listening! The 3rd baptism will be sister Hewlitt, she is 21. I can't explain my joy about her being baptized. Imagine going to disneyland then eating the best ice cream in the world and then multiply that by 100 that's my joy! I am so happy because she has truly been changed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I love her story and I love her! and one day she will be a missionary! She told us! 

3.) Prayer and fasting! Before my mission when I heard the word "fast sunday" I thought "yikes! I'm already hungry!" but now I look for days that I can fast. Fasting brings miracles! There are some great articles in the liahona of fasting, read them! 

4.) transfers are next week! I don't think I will leave this area. But me and my district leader have a bet, he and other missionaries tell me I'll leave! So we will see who gets the ice cream next Wednesday! :) I really want to be here for February 7 but I am excited for new areas and new experiences! 

5.) We are so blessed. Sometimes its easy to overlook miracles and blessings. but they are everywhere. and you are happier when you see them, you realize how much Heavenly Father is in your life. 

6.) Cold! It's been cold here at night! I never thought I'd be cold in the Philippines! 
well until next week! :)
love, Sister Peavler

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