Monday, January 12, 2015

Prayers answered

Hello! I'm so excited to share my experiences this week!
1.) Earthquake! I woke up to an earthquake the other night! It was a scary, but cool experience!
2.) Baptism! Saturday was so great because a really sweet elderly man Brother Crispon was baptized! He really wants his family to join the church, but he always just comes by himself. His wife agreed to come to his baptism though and he was so excited she came! It was such a sweet day!
3.) Many answered prayers! I had a really great experience the other day. We hadn't found a new investigator all week but all week we had been praying! We had specifically been praying for a family! This area really needs families! So we went out saturday morning and we were led to a great family! I was so happy and excited! They were very receptive and we will be going back to visit them. I knew it was an answer to my prayer.
Another experience I had was with our other new investigator from saturday. His heart is a little hard. He refused to pray. After about five minutes of explaining to him why its important for him to pray he still refused. So I told him that if he prayed now, that he would receive his answer. He told me that would not happen! That he would not receive an answer right away! i told him that he wouldnt if he didn't believe! anyways he still refused so i prayed. but before I prayed and while I prayed I pleaded with Heavenly Father for him to feel something. to have a witness through the holy ghost. Right after the prayer he asked us about this feeling he had. He didnt know what it was. I was smiling from ear to ear because I knew my prayer was answered!
till next week! (it will be longer...promise:)
sister peavler

 Brother Crispon's baptism!

Brother Crispon and his wife and granddaughter

Being silly with friends!

Me and my companion sister Salde from Bacolod, Philippines

This picture is during another lunch break that is a squid! It actually tastes good!

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