Monday, February 9, 2015

20 Years Old!!!

well this week was awesome! full of wonderful experiences!!!


1.) teaching experience...yesterday we went on splits with the branch missionaries. i was nervous because my tagalog isnt as good as i want it to be and i would be without my companion. well i shouldnt have been nervous because i had a great teaching experience! we oymed someone which means just offering to teach or extending an invitation to someone. they could just be a random person you meet, or someone youve met before. this time it was a random person. we met her then offered to teach her. when i got out of that lesson i was so happy! i was thinking about how when i used to teach the first lesson. that my words would all be jumbled and id only be able to share a little. but this time it just flowed and it just felt so good! i think its a lesson from Heavenly Father to appreicate my testimony. because when the language comes in the way of teaching its so frustrating! but when  i can express myself the spirit is much stronger and i get so happy that my tagalog is understood that i teach better and i appreciate more that u=i have the opportunity to share my testimony! its also made me more charitable. being in a place where you are the minority is a humbling experience. ive learned to rely on the Lord more. i love my time here in the mission! i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!

2.) im 20!! its weird saying that...but then again its weird thinking that 4 of my friends have gotten married since i left....(CONGRATS ASHLEY,HALLIE,RAFA,JORDAN:) 20 years is a long halfway to 40! yikes! anyways i had an awesome birthday thanks to my super great fellow missionaries! i cant wait to send pictures! but we started that day off with a communinty service project then the branch president fed all the missionaries and his family surprised me with a cake! and their neighbor gave me my favorite...coconut! so it was a great start to my day! then it was back to normal missionary life! but for dinner my district mate and i had cake and ice cream and i even got some presents from them! it was a fun day!

3.) today is pday and earlier we went to this AWESOME restaurant!!! i cant wait to send pictures! thank goodness my companion is super nice and lets me use her camera! by the way....(i need a new camera...mine broke;/)
well anyways this is a little of my awesome week! stay classy arizona!
love sister peavler 
My new companion Sister Acosta! 

This is Bevs she is a branch missionary

Chicken intestines

                                                          Coconuts are My Favorite!!
They smeared frosting on my face while I was making a wish! 

My district

Pday on my 20th birthday!

My new area is awesome!


Zone lunch at a really cute restaraunt!

A little taste of america!!

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