Monday, March 23, 2015

Teaching the Elect

HELLO ALL! im excited to sharewith you my experiences from this week!

1> march in moncada.....ITS HOT! you cant ever get out of the heat here! it actusally rained the other day wich felt great. it hasnt rained in my mission since like decmember! i thought it rained every day in the philippines! but i guess thats only in the rainy season! ive considered sleeping outside in my hammock but my blood seems to be a delicasy here beacuse the mosquitos attack me!!! so ill just stick with a fan i guess! enjoythat air con for me!

2>Finding and teaching the elect....of course being a missionary you meet and teach all kinds of people! but the key is to find those who are ready to hear accept and act on the gospel they learn! so to find them we talk to everyone! its really awesome being a part of peoples conversion! latelywe have been finding alot of future potential priesthoodleaders! when we teachthemi feel a special spirit because  theyre future holders of the priesthood andmaybe even future missionaries! we found one who was laying outside his house on a bench. he let us teach him and it went really well. he is one of those that you can just tell is ready. he told us after the lesson he might move to manila to work. it was werid because i felt totally at peace. i thought i would feel upset or sad because we found someone who i really felt would progress but now he might leave. but i left that lesson feeling so happy! because even if he does leaveandgoes somewhere else, me and mycompanion got to have the opportuninty to introduce the restored gospel to him! i love finding people! its just awesome i cant explain it! you just meet random people you dont know then you start teaching them and feel Heavenly Fathers love for them being Hischild. so you reallygetto know them! i really love beingamissionary!

3>another language? in this area there is another dialect! sometimes i dont understand what people are saying but then i feel better when my companion tells me its another dialect that a lot of people speak here. but sometimes iwont understand whatpeople are saying and i say tomy companionthats not tagalog right? and then she says that one is tagalog then we both laugh! hahaha the main lanuguage is tagalog in the philippines but a bunch of different dialects. my comapnion speaks tagalog,cebuano,and antoher dialect. im just trying to get tagalog! 

well this is justa short view of my week here! love you and thanks for your support! 

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