Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

to my dear family and friends,
i'll tell you a little about easter in the philippines! first they have Holy Week. Friday EVERYTHING was closed. we went to go buy food and the whole town was like shut down! they make friday a huge deal but then dont really pay attention to easter ! it was sad! its like easter doesnt even exist here. it was quite a different easter! but how lucky am i to share the wonderful truths of the Savior and how He lives now! we havnt been able to watch general conference yet unfortunately. i watched one talk while at the computer shop. it was by elder holland! it was AWESOME! and of course, a tear dripper! but i add my testimony to his. the savior lives,and he is always there for us. this life isnt to fail.but to succeed. because we have a loving Heavenly father! oh! so there was supposed to be this huge super typhoon! the missionaries in my mission by the ocean got evacuated. they had us preparing for what seemed like world war 3!(okay im a little dramatic!) but anyways the typhoon nevercame! its a good thing...but i was kinda excited for a little adventure....but nobody in this country needs a typhoon right now! its a crazy world out here! itreminds me a lot of NYC.everyone is going so fast. not really knowing why they are even here.then there is me....a 20 year old who knows the message thats most worth knowing! i feel like the definition of when the Lord said that he calls the weak and the simple! thats me! oh! we will be having baptism this next week! im excited to send pictures! her name is jerielle. she is 12 years old but has the brain of an 18 year old! here mom is less active but we are working on her to return! i know jerielles baptism will be the key! one spiritual experience i would like to share is of my testimony of the many scriptures that say seek and ye shall find,knock and it shall be opened unto you.  i know this scripture to be true. because its happening in my life. through the workds of the scriptures and modern prophets my questions are constantly being answered. I know if the Lord sees us doing our part, he will bless us with knowledge. we just have to put Him first. this world doesnt put Him first. but we have to learn how too. and only blessings come from it!
well love yall and thanks youfor your love and support! ingat! (take care)
love sister peavler

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