Monday, April 20, 2015

The Right Place at the Right time

Hello my dear friends and family! hope all is well in the good ole AZ! if its hot there...just know its hotter here!!!!!!! but it finally rained yesterday after months! but today it is back to hot and humid! haha but i cant wait to tll you about my week! cuz it was aweomse! probably one of my favorite weeks here in this area. so i will tell you why....!

1.) In the right place at the right time! so me and my companion were buying some food the other day and i saw this man ride by on a bicycle. i said hello and then he just kept going. but he looked so familiar! i couldnt get over how familar he looked! anywasy the next day we were walking towards our house to go home for lunch. so we stop to unlock the gate, i turn around,and boom! the same man is right behind us! sp i asked him his name and introduced who we were. we offered him the pamphlet fpr the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He refused to take it and said he had some at his home already. so we gave an overview of our message. he started asking questions like how we know joseph smith is really a prophet and where the truth went during the apostasy. he was obviously pretty familiar with religious topics. he brought up some weird things , things we didnt understand but anyways we just keep teaching him about the restoration. he didnt have the bet attitude.but anyways he said he didnt want us to come to our home and i asked him why. ( i dont know why i said why haha i just was wondering why doesnt he want us to come?) anyways he said he's heard things about the church. so we bore our testimonies. at the end, he pointed to the pamphlet and said "sa akin ya" which means that  he wanted it. so he left with pamphlet. he said he was going to discuss it with his pastor,he said some one who is higher up. but then we talked about authority again. it was a good conversation. at the end i felt so great that i was able to explain difficult things in tagalog! but i know it wasnt me! it was the spirit. yesterday i gave a talk in church last minute. i preayed fervently for the gift of tongues. when i was speaking words woud literally come out of my mouth without me even thinking of what i was going to say. and it made sense! im tellin ya people it aint me! if i were to do it alone, my tagalog would sound like that missionaries dutch on the best two years! haha! this language isnt easy to learn. but the Lord untwists my tongue for this great work which i love!!

2.) last week conference was shown at the stake center. our recent convert came who was baptized the day before. i prayed that she and the other members would feel the spirit and understand even tho it was in english. when we went to her home the next week we asked about her experience. she really enjoyed it. in the lesson she later told us she had an answer to one of her questions answered at conference. the spirit was strong as she told us , and i started to cry. it may seem like something simple. but you really get to love these people when your on the mission. and when you see them change and receive answers it just maes you so happy! anyways thats my sweet jerielle! shes only 12. she was confirmed yesterday in sacrament meeting. 

3.) so we are teaching a few different people in this one little compound in therir neghborhood. they are all related. probably half of them are members. but a few are less active. but the other half arnt members. we go there every nigh to teach. they are the Arceo and Vallejos family. i love how here in the philippines the extended family lives so close! its such a fun and spcial environment! anyways we are teaching one sister vina whose husband is less ctive. we are also teching michael and mark who are twins. we are teaching marks girlfriend. and we are teaching a young man name ariel. his sister is a member. anyways we went to teach them this week and they brought out spaghetti and cake! it was awesome! haha spaghetti might sound like an unusal filipino dish but filipinos love spaghetti! but it aint like the italian spaghetti! the sauce is really sweet then they cut up hot dogs to put in it. its pretty good...but i prefer the italian kind....

4.)there was one day where a member came by our house and was like hey! i have some referalls! so of course we were excited! we were taken to three of her friends. they are all 17. well they all accepeted the message and received the baptismal goal date! the sister who reffered us to them is named nessy. she is a recent convert. she is the only member in her family. super strong and converted! the youth here are super strong! anyways so that day we received 3 new investigators! so im excited to see their progress!

5.)jade! jade is our investigator who is 14.but she will be baptized next weekend! so thats exciting! shes really smart like jerielle! its fun teaching young women aged girls! 
anyways this is just a little of my week! love you all!
love sister peavler :)


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