Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tender Mercies

hello family and friends! hope all is well back home! im still livin the good ole missionary life here in the philippines! :) 
 i came down with something really bad earlier this week. we think it might have been something i ate. but today im healthy and happy to report about this week! i only got  a few minutes so i will talk about yesterday which was the best day of the week! everything just went in our favor! you come to really appreciate  everything on the mission, and start to notice the tender mercies of the Lord. 
1.) Rowena....so we met this sister rowena yesterday. we were going to teach this man but then we invited her and she said she will just listen. but we ended up teaching her! she was like an angel that came out of no where! another one of those "golden investigators" that missionaries hope for! she was ready to hear the gospel! she told us she has started a new life recently. she wants to change. shes trying all she can do to make up for her past.we told her that nothing will change her more than the gospel of Jesus Christ. at the beginning of the lesson she asked when we could meet with her again. and teach her family. she gladly accepted the invitation to be baptized at the end of may! we receive a lot of people who accept to be baptized but only a few make it to the finish line. all depending on their agency and the time of the Lord, and how well we teach. but sister rowena will be baptized may 30 theres no question.

2.) the other man we were teaching kind of humbled me! we asked what the most important things in his life are and he answered "being able to eat 3 meals a day". sometimes we forget how much we have. while we are worried about what to eat, others are worried about eating at all. we are truly blessed.

3.) so my tender mercies are usually fruit..sounds funny...but Heavenly Father knows what i like on a hot day! early yesterday i told my companion "i really want coconut juice" but being sunday we didnt go and buy it. so we stopped at a members house on the way to a lesson to ask for water. well she just happened to be making coconut juice! with bananas and sweet milk! it was just a great surprise! then we were walking down the road when all of the sudden there was a beautiful ripe mango apple in front of us. ive always wanted to try one but they havnt gotten to the ripe season yet. but then i tried it and it was delecious! its like a mango but kind of sweeter! anyways i have to may fruit stories....the other sisters laugh at me cuz fruit really makes my day....haha

we also had transfers this week. but me and my companion stayed here! which im happy about i love it here! this is my 3rd transfer here in moncada! 
well until next week! love ya all!

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