Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Patiently waiting for miracles

Hello my dear family and friends! Like always I have some awesome experiences to share with you all! First I have two things to say....It's so hot!!!!! The second....it's mango season! I love mangos!!! okay now I will tell you the good stuff:)

1.) Chito and Vina! I love this couple! So chito is a less active and his wife is an investigator. We are preparing him to return and for Vina to be baptized! They're such a fun family! Sometimes  being a missionary, you want to see the miracles happen NOW! Like I want brother Chito to return NOW and  sister vina to be baptized NOW! But just like Heavenly Father is patient with me, I remember I need to be patient with them and see the miracles that are already happening. When we first offered to teach brother Chito he would say "Bukas na lang!" which means tomorrow or in the future. Which really means he didn't want to be taught. But now when we go to their home right away they say "Come in! Are you going to teach us tonight?" It's so awesome! Being with their family is always an adventure. They are a young couple with a baby and a energetic 4 year old..so you can imagine what i mean by "adventure" haha. We have seen their family grow closer as they have been learning the teachings of Jesus Christ. We found this family because we were teaching his brothers (the twins.)

      Now we are just teaching one twin cuz the other one is always gone. Anyways the one  we are teaching is michael. He's 21 or 22. We have seen huge changes in him. He's progressing so well. but he cant be baptized yet because he wont come to church! I look at him as my brother and i just want him to understand he's so close! We had him identify changes in his life since he's been listening to the missionary lessons. He identified many. Our past couple of lessons have been really spiritual with him. I really expected him to be at church yesterday, but he wasn't. It's a hard feeling knowing how close people are they just have to take one more step. It's a good lesson to me of how Heavenly Father feels about me and each one of His children. Anyways I have a question for you all how has keeping the sabbath day blessed your life? please email me and share so i can share these blessings with others!

2.) Jade! Jade is 14, she will be baptized this friday!! We are so excited! I remember the first day I met her and now she'll be baptized this week! It's been an awesome journey with her!! I'll send pics next week :) The awesome thing is that we found another 14 year old girl really close to jades house and she will be baptized in June! Her name is Megan! We found her because we saw a really pretty farm so we were going to explore. Then megan was sitting on a bench by herself. Anyways we have been teaching her and she came to church yesterday! and now her and jade have eachother for support, so thats great! 

Well these are the main highlights of my week!!!!!  love ya all and thank you for your support!
love sister peavler 

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