Monday, May 18, 2015

Heavenly Father Loves his Children

hi family and friends! this week was awesome! i will share one of my many experiences!

      We had a investigator a long time ago that we stopped teaching. shes always at school and her husband isnt really fond of us. well for the past days i kept having the prompting to go to her. so the other day we visited her. i just happened to be the only day she would be home in her busy schedule. anyways she wasnt very happy to see us. i dont know why. her whole countanance has changed. its really sad. anyways we taught her about faith in Jesus Christ by acting to follow him. She took it hard and would not accept almost anything we said. She wasnt happy when we told her if she just puts the Lord first things will work out. she said she cant give all her time and effort to the Lord. she said what about my family? I have to take care of them too! i thought this was kind of funny brcause our family is the Lord! Its the most imporant unit to Him! she didnt understand that. she saw the church as taking her time away from her family. we shared the scripture n 3rd nephi 14 about not worrying but trusting the Lord because He knows what we need. she didnt accept that and refused to make any commitments. but my heart really hurt during this lesson. i cried. and this tiime not because i felt the spirit. but because i see her and what she could be. but she wont try to even listen hardly. and it just hurts my heart. i know ive said this in many of my emails but here on the mission i really feel how much Havenly Father loves His children. and how important they are to Him. even tho she wasnt really accepting to what we said, im glad we went because i had the feeling we needed to go. we will not be going back to her,which is the reason my heart hurts. but i know at the right time she will accept the gospel. 
           You know that anology we always use about sharing the gospel? like its like if we have something really good to eat then its soo good we want to share it with all those around us. i never related to that story cuz if i have something really good to eat i dont want to share it! haha! but with the gospel i see the blessing in my life, and i imagine what my life would be without the gospel and i would be no where. i would not be me. i would not know my purpose. i see how blessed i am then when i meet people i just want them to accept it. i see how many problems people have, we all have problems. but if we just will act on our faith we will be blessed. thats what i wanted lovely (that investigator we went back to ) to understand. but i cant force anyone to understand. im just an instrument. but its okay, cuz its not about me. as long as they understand who Heavenly Father is and who they are, im content. they just have to choose to act. the mission stretches you in all ways. but i  really really love my mission. if anyone is debating about wether or not to go GO! if anyone is debating wether or not to learn more from the misionaries CALL THEM. yeah we are young, but a prophet of God called us and we have the message that will save you and make you happy. just act on your faith and you wont regret anything. love you all!
love sister peavler

Baptism Picture

Farm where we met Megan our investigator!

fillipino kids playing games

This is what me and my companion get around in! 

an investigator's house


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  1. You look so happy. May the mighty God gives you more happiness and blessings.