Monday, September 1, 2014

Short and Sweet

So I have about 8 minutes left to write about my week! ahh! 
1.)Salas Family...this family is truly special. The father was baptized a longtime ago but became less active. We visited them and now their family is coming to church. They have 4 beautful children! We had a very special lesson with them this week. It was by candle light because they don't have electricity. They were just so consumed in the lesson listening to every single word, even the little kids. Words can't describe my love for them! We are trying so hard to help them get to the temple!

2.) I tried their food...this time it was not out of volunteering though!!! this lady offered me it and I felt bad! So I ate it and asked my companion what it was.....pig intestines (inner body stuff) and blood. i thought the blood was a type of meat sauce...but was blood....i wanted to throw up! but i just kept saying masarup! That means delicious! We went back that night for some reason, i cant remember! anyways the rest of it was sitting on the table still! and then she started eating it after it had been out all day! (dad I can picture you gagging haha) anyways it was an adventure!

I wish I had more time!!!! ahhh. but i have to go! We only get 2 hours! but we have so much reporting to do! then we get like no email time! but! thats missionary life ! love you and misss you!!! 

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