Monday, September 29, 2014

First baptism!!!

Well, hello! Im excited to tell you all about this week!! Before I start, if you have emailed me and I have not replied, I haven't forgotten you!! I promise! I'll get back to you as soon as I can! 

1.) Peanut butter....Philippines has the best peanut butter. It's fresh, delicious, and just goes good with everything! (haha sounds like a comercial) anyways peanut butter is a highlight but not THE highlight! Anyways I'll just tell the story now. My companion and I were walking and I saw some peanut butter in this little store,,,,, so we both noticed it, and of course we went in to take a look. Well I almost didn't buy it because I already had some peanut butter at home...but then the man selling it convinced me. Well good thing I bought it! Guess why! It started a conversation and he is was baptized but became less active for certain reasons. We only talked to him a little because he was working, but I know Heavenly Father led us to him because he has the desire to come back! and we are so excited to begin helping him! God does work in mysterious ways!!! :) 

2.) Cha Cha! (No not the dance) Cha Cha is the girl who got baptized on Friday!!! Hurray! She met the missionaries 3 years ago and has been being taught off and on. She never really had the desire to be baptized and even hid from the missionaries. Something changed in her! She started reading the Book of Mormon! A whole new glow came about her! Watching her walk into the font was a very special moment. She had the biggest smile on her face, that made me smile...and cry. I just could remember the first day we met her. She was so shy and pracitcally hiding behind the door. Now, she is just beaming with light! I'm so grateful to experience this. To see the change in her life. I know Heavenly Father is loving. He wants us to be happy. I've realized that here more than ever. We have a loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to be happy, and he has given the way for us to be happy, through following the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thats a moment I'll never forget! Watching her walk into the font with the biggest smile!!! 

3.) I had my first exchange this week with the sister training leader! I'll send pics from that! I went with sister Amende from New Zealand. (not to be biased but New Zealanders are probably overall the nicest people I've met.) I've met many here on the mission and they are so genuinely kind! Meeting new people is a great thing! You learn so much! I just love it! I learned to follow the spirit that day of exchanges! Sometimes I don't because I'm scared or I doubt. We made a goal to do that day and the spirit was so strong! So follow the spirit! Pray to recognize the spirit! It'll change alot of things! Make you more happy just like Heavenly Father wants! 

well these are just a few! but i love you and miss you all:) love, sister peavler
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