Monday, October 6, 2014

"Conversion is a principle of action"

Hello to all who read this! :) I am happy to tell about week 8 in the mission field! Week 8, can you believe it? i can't! It's almost time for me to leave the nest... away from my trainer...but we actually think we will both stay here in La paz next transfer as well! If so, i will be with her until she goes home! It's kind of strange being with someone who is about to go home! We are at totally opposite places but I'm learning everything from how to cook Filipino foods, to how to get people into the waters of baptism! If my clothes are wet from rain, she tells me to change my clothes so I don't get sick. I love the rain so I don't like to use my umbrella! She says "do you love your work?" and i say yes, then she says, "then use your umbrella so you don't get sick!" haha anyways I'll tell you about some of our adventures :) 

1.) Something I forgot last week! So our branch had family day and we ate some interesting stuff! Well there was all these chicken parts. Basically all the insides! Well there was something that looked like a one of the elders and I tried was weird.... but then someone told us it was a chicken ovary. I'm not sure what is worse a brain or an ovary... but it was an experience to eat it! 

2.) Tagalog...I'm starting to understand the people well! its a miracle! it makes me excited to know that I'm progressing! The people understand me pretty well I just have a hard time putting sentences together...but it's improving which is great!

3.) Conference....we don't get to watch it until next week unfortunately ;( but I'm really excited! The Internet or something wasn't working so we only got to watch 10 minutes of the women's conference. It was the last part of Uchtdorf's talk! I love his talks! Something I notice he emphasizes in most of his talks is the love Heavenly Father has for us. I am finding that out for myself here in the mission too.Every lesson we give relates back to the love of Heavenly Father. Something that Uchtdorf said is that he loves us now and he always will. It's easy to get discouraged no matter where you are, but like Uchtdorf always points out, the most glorious being who created all knows us individually. How comforting! 

4.) Patience....I'm learning lots of patience. When I see people and their potential in the true church, it breaks my heart when they don't see it. I guess that's how Heavenly Father feels with us sometimes. We have so much potential but don't take the action. Faith requires action and when you act, you become converted. I was listening to a talk this week and it said "conversion is a principle of action" A testimony is so fragile. We have to constantly nourish it! The little things that you hear all the time since you are in primary...yeah those things make or break your testimony. Prayer,scripture study,church,faith,repentance. If you don't do them you wont fall but if you just start slipping up on one of them it leads to more! It all comes down to agency! Which kinda scares me because I choose everything I do! it would be easier if Heavenly Father did! but then we wouldn't grow. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can have the power to choose correctly. This is a truth I am learning in my everyday life. the enabling power of the atonement is the key to everything! If you want some spiritual upliftment, study about the atonement! 

5.) The people here are so kind! I walked into the market the other day at like 5:30 in the morning and was greeted with good morning beautiful! ha ha!! Speaking of the market! It's quite the experience! I wish i could take pictures of it! They sell meat like its clothing! They hang it up and lay it out then everyone picks it up looks at it then if they like it they buy it. It is not a good place for people who are germaphobes! but its a fun experience! i eat mostly vegetables! They're always fresh of course! Usually all my meals are some sort of meat, vegetables, and rice....then for snacks I eat stuff with peanut bananas! they have like 50 different types of bananas! its a banana lovers dream!! the food is delicious but i miss other milk and cheese!!! and chocolate! and of course Mexican food.....but I'm healthy and well here! :) 

anyways I don't have too much to report this week but hope you enjoyed! and I'll send some pics! :)

Domingo family and elders in our district

Giri Family with Investigator Dongsky

Young women in the branch I serve in. 

My trainer received her departure letter, that's why we look sad!

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