Monday, August 25, 2014

First week in La Paz!

hello all! 
wow what a week! my first whole week in La Paz! 
I'll do the usually "highlights" its the best way to share my experiences :)

1.) my companion! man I'm so blessed to have sister Bongolto! as you can see in the picture, there is just a little bit of a height difference....but always look up to her!!

2.)the children! the kids here are always a highlight of my week! actually the highlight of every day! Heavenly Father shows His love through many ways. but one i am so blessed to have constantly are the little children here! its so funny though. because for some I'm the first American they've probably ever seen so they just stare! actually everyone here stares at me, now i know how famous people feel! It's so awkward!!! It's like paparazzi everywhere!! but it's a good thing for a missionary! I'll share why in a later highlight :) but one time i was walking down the street and there was a huge group of kids and one had his phone video taping me and they were all saying hi and used to make me feel really uncomfortable,having everyone stare, But now i just laugh and smile.! the funny thing is right now at the computer shop, there is someone standing behind me staring.....hahaha I don't think he can read any of this tho..

3.) Mission tour!! President Ardern from the 70 came to tour our mission! We met him only a couple of weeks ago in the mtc! It was great to hear from him and his wife again! He's such a great teacher! look up some of his talks or something because he is awesome! He always emphasizes our choices for when we get home from our missions. Especially eternal marriage. He said yes we are on missions but this experience needs to be carried with us our whole life. He also taught us how to be better teachers. He taught us by looking how the master teacher taught, our Savior, from 3rd nephi! 

4.) Miracles! specifically yesterday! (Sunday) there are a lot of less actives here! but yesterday 5 came to church! Which is a huge deal!!! we were so happy!!! one of them is brother Salas. he was converted a long time ago, like before I was born. anyways he now has a family, a beautiful family! We meet with them every week, and man I just love them! Well they came to church yesterday and we were just so excited! It was a miracle!
okay so last thing then I gotta get off! Yesterday we were looking for people to teach. So i decided i would talk to this lady on the side of the road. there were alot of people outside, there always is! anyways we talked with her and she let us teach her! well throughout the lesson, more and more people came up and started listening. i counted silently between 25 and 30 filipinos gathered around listening to the first vision. In my little Tagalog I bore my testimony and shared a much as I could! it was noisy outside but I read when Joseph smith saw God and Jesus Christ and it became completely silent. I couldn't stop smiling!!! It all started with a 14 year old and now here i am in the Philippines!!!

well love you and miss you all! thanks for your prayers:)
sister peavler<3

       Me and sister Bongolto! 
                                                                Last day at the MTC!! 
                                                                      Riding in the Jeepney! 
Sisters in this picture are from New Zealand, Papa, New Guinea, and Samoa! 
                                                   Sister Vanisi from Tonga! 
My friends from the mtc that I miss so much!! We are all in the Angeles mission so we get to see eachother every once in a while! 
                                               Just walking and doing missionary work! 
    Our bedroom! I didn't take a picture of our bathroom yet, but just know I bathe with a bucket! :) 
                                                The jeepney.... Our transportation!! 
                                     Found this our first day in our new home! 

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