Friday, August 1, 2014

Only two more weeks in the MTC

Hello! I had an awesome week!!! I know your all thinking can I not right?? :)
I'll tell you the highlights like usual:)

1.) Sunday was really great! We had church of course, then the usual ice cream at lunch that everyone looks forward to. but that night we had a really great devotional! It was on the talk by Howard W. Hunter (master the tempest is raging). Look it up! Now! The gist of it is that we don't need to fear when our lives have tempests and huge waves! Just like how He was on the ship with the apostles, Christ is always with us! We don't need to fear! Yet, sometimes when the waves are tossing, we ask the Lord, aren't you gonna stop this??? Even if it doesn't stop, He will say "peace be still" to your heart just like he did to that storm.  I said the closing prayer in Tagalog which shouldn't be that surprising now but it just makes me so excited I have to write it! I always get called on for prayers at meetings! Either they like my prayers or they think Sister Peavler needs practice haha ;)

2.) Tuesday night devotional. The mtc president and his wife spoke to us a little about what we can expect when we go out into the field. we read the whole chapter of Alma 26! At the beginning I thought...I hope I can stay awake because it was like 7;30 which seems early but its not in the mtc! well then we read that and its impossible to fall asleep while reading that chapter! Verse 22 is probably my favorite. If we repent exercise faith, do good works, and pray continually...we will know the mysteries of God! That's pretty awesome to me!!!

3.) PROSELYTING IN MANILA- best part of the week!!! I got to go to manila and go proselyting! my companion was from Utah, Sister Larsen! I was so happy I got paired up with her! we went to about 4 different homes and taught. I bore my testimony and prayed at all the houses. I didn't speak any English during that time except with her outside of the lessons. that was a goal I wanted! so hurray! It was kind of a shock to me, the way the people live. You think you know when you see on TV. but then you come here and see, its a whole new experience. I've only been outside mtc like twice so I haven't seen much, but meeting those people got me so excited when I leave the mtc in just under 2 weeks! Walking down the street when you are white, is kind of awkward at first, to be honest! Everyone stares and even one man looked at me and said "hi French!" I guess he thought I was French...haha. but the kids are the cutest!! I love seeing them play on the streets! also, Sister Larsen would start talking to people on the streets and invite them to read a pamphlet then she would turn to have me bare my testimony. Which was kind of scary! I wasn't practicing in the mtc anymore! but that has been my favorite day so far! I told my teacher here I wanna do that every day! He said, "Good! Because that's gonna be the rest of your mission! haha!"

4.) So we teach fake investigators here in the mtc every day! My companion and I have 2 different ones. One is "Michael" although, he isn't really Michael, it is a great experience. because the person playing Michael taught Michael on his mission! Anyways we have been teaching him and really struggling on knowing what to teach. We weren't feeling the spirit like we were in our other lessons, and it just wasn't right! Well, my companion had a prompting that we should ask him a certain question then I had a prompting to share a certain scripture that led into him accepting to get baptized and he cried! that's always a bonus! haha jk...but the spirit was really there even though it was someone playing Michael. It was so neat! So that was a miracle of the week!

5.) I got someones information at the grocery store today! She kinda giggled when I tried speaking Tagalog! But she knew English so that was good...anyways I asked her if she knew why the missionaries always come to this store on Fridays. and she said no. I asked her if she knew who we were and she said no! After all this time of missionaries going to that grocery store every Friday, she didn't even know who we were! I told her we were missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, and how we teach about Jesus Christ. She said she was catholic and then I said"oh that's cool! can I have your name and number! ?" haha so I wrote it down then I said "masaya po ako nakilala po kayo!" which means it was nice to meet you! so that was my first experience getting someones contact info outside the mtc! :)

Well those are my top 5 of the week! hope you enjoy reading them!! paalam! (bye!)

 Mission President and his wife!

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