Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello! :) I'm so happy I get to email today and tell you all about last week! The highlights of the week are....!!

1.) I got asked to say the closing prayer in sacrament meeting on Sunday! I said it all in Tagalog!!! I was so happy after! Because that's the best prayer I've ever said in Tagalog (just ask my companion...I was doing a happy dance!)

2.) Tuesday night President Arden from the first presidency of the quorum of the 70 came and we had a devotional! Guess what!!!! 5 sisters from 5 different countries were asked to sing the first verse of the mtc musical number...and I was the American who got chosen! so I got to sing up front to President Arden and his wife and my mtc president and his wife! It was so great! It was just so neat to sing a hymn with people from all over the world!! His devotional was so great! he did a power point and lots of missionaries participated., he would call on anyone! He would just look at you and say "what do you think that means" or give me an example of this! so all the missionaries were on their toes the whole meeting! President Arden will soon be the area president for the Philippines. He is from New Zealand. I got to shake his hand! 

3.) I ate a fish eyeball!!!! Here at the mtc there isn't too much "sketchy" food. It's all pretty good! When they give you a fish though, they give you the whole thing! Well I was dared to eat the eyeball, and so I did because I'm going to eat every crazy thing while I'm here! (Just in case you are tastes like a popcorn kernel) It was weird though! Then I got dared to eat a REALLY hot red pepper. I did that too....and....lets just didn't go too well!!! My tongue was numb for 10 minutes and it felt like it was on fire...literally. Meal times are always an adventure here!

4.) Learning to teach by the spirit is something we really focus on here! We are told to plan a lesson but when we go in, to teach the investigator not the lesson. We had a great experience with this. Even though the investigator was fake, my companion and I applied this to one of our lessons. The spirit was so strong once we really focused on the person and her  needs, we were all in tears by the end and she accepted baptism! It was a wonderful experience!! Sometimes i get frustrated because I think, "How am I supposed to teach someone according to their Tagalog! I just memorize key words in Tagalog that go with my lesson." But i have an amazing teacher sister marila. She bore her testimony one day like she always does and told us "You might be thinking, how can i teach the person and not the lesson? I don't even know Tagalog!!" That's exactly what I was thinking....but she said "If that's what you think then you don't trust our Savior. You are not having faith. That really hit me! so my attitude has changed! When I go into a lesson I don't think "oh no i don't know what to say!" Instead I put a big smile on my face and say everything I want to and throw in as many Tagalog words as I can. When I do this the spirit  is so much more there! It's so great! I'm so grateful for inspired teachers and the spirit! :)

5.) Reading the scriptures....the scriptures are AWESOME!!! if you haven't opened them in a while open them now!! It's amazing the stuff you can find and the answers you will receive because Heavenly Father knows you oh so well!! I've experienced this more than once here in the mtc!

Well I love it here! this next week I will be going proselyting in Quezon city! I'll get to ride on a jeepney! ill let you know how that goes! :) hugs!!!
Sister Peavler

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