Friday, July 18, 2014

Hello all! I have about 15 minutes to tell you about all my last week adventures! hope i can do it!!
so highlights of the week...

1.)TYPHOON!!! don't worry I'm alive....I'm missing an arm but President Beck says I can get one donated to me! Joke lang joke lang! ( that means just kidding) haha...our power was out and we got to clean up after...yay! haha! it was actually fun though! It was like a movie! We were learning how to teach while the power was out and outside trees were blowing over and pouring rain! So cool! I wasn't even scared and I don't know why! Well i do know why! Because I'm a missionary! :)

2.) SUNDAY NIGHT awesome!! We listened to a talk by Elder Holland! Then 4 missionaires bore their testimonies. I said the closing prayer in Tagalog! (with a little English mixed in there!)  :) Elder Holland said to give our heart to Christ to give OUR ALL! In sacrament meeting our speaker said  "No sacrifice is too great for the one who sacrificed all to provide the way!" so the whole day was great and based on giving our all!!

3.) BIRTHDAY NIGHT!... Every other tuesday night we get a nice dinner! Homemade pizza and spaghetti with chocolate cake and ice ream! They do it for birthdays! It was so fun!!

4.) TEMPLE today we went to the temple which is right across the street. It was a beautiful experience! After, we went to the distribution center...I tried saying a few simple greetings to natives! it was fun! and kinda scary too though! haha. But mostly fun!!

5.) BROTHER GARCIA AND SISTER MARILA they are my two teachers! Sister Marila is a super sweet native Filipina, whose testimony strengthens mine every single day! Two nights ago, Brother Garcia had us go outside and sit down facing the temple and read the Book of Mormon. He said to go with a specific concern or question in mind, to pray, then read. I did that, and it was an experience I'll never forget. Moroni 7:26-27 caught my eye! and i love the Temple! every morning we walk down this hill to breakfast and right in front of us is the temple with the sun rising! its beautiful!!!

6.) BORE MY TESTIMONY IN TAGALOG so the language is hard. but each time i can say something new without looking at my paper is a great stepping stone! we pretend to teach sometimes and we were doing that one night. i said my testimony in Tagalog and was just so happy. so happy I'm here, so happy i have the opportunity to do this. the language requires a lot of practicing over and over, and my accent isn't the best yet. but now after14 days i can say a simple prayer and testimony! so that's exciting!

"Alam ko po na perpecto JesuCristo. alam ko po na mapagmahal si Dyios. nanniniwala po ako tottoo ang aklat ni mormon. sa pangalin ni jesu cristo amen." (my simple Tagalog testimony):)

miss you all!!
sister peavler
These are the missionaries who flew with me from Utah to Oregon to Japan to Manila! We are all going to the Angeles Mission!

"This is a Jeepney"

My Companion Sister Koford and I on our way to immigration to get fingerprinted and other fun stuff!!

The Manila temple! This was taken outside the MTC window!

This is Sister Tonga from New Zealand!! Ironic... EH?! haha She just left to her mission I will miss her!

This is at Birthday night! I am holding up my district's sign! 

"They now make coke for Sister missionaries!! ;)"
"My dearest sister Ram, she is from Fiji! We are basically soul sistas!"

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