Friday, July 11, 2014

First letter!!!!

Hi!!!! finally!!!! I get to email!!!! What a week!!!! Holy guacamole!!!! (i wish they had guacamole here!!!)
I'm so excited to email if you haven't noticed by all my !!!!!!:)
So ill start from the beginning ! It's gonna be long!

I flew from Phoenix to Salt Lake. at salt lake i met up with 11 other missionaries!! we all flew to Oregon. then to Tokyo!! longest flight of my life!!! ahhhh. but then we flew to Philippines and finally got to manila!! that night we had time to email our parents and just say we were alive. we stayed at the airport hotel. and walked to an Internet cafe in the POURING rain!! I've never seen rain like that!!! it was so cool!!! then us four sisters stayed in one room. the next morning we woke up early and headed to the mtc!! driving there was crazy!!!! I'm glad I'm alive! haha jokes... I don't want to scare you! but we made it to the mtc and got our name tag and did a bunch of house stuff like found our room got needed shots, had orientation, and all that fun stuff! then we went straight into learning Tagalog! it was one crazy long day!!! At the end of our devotional i turned around and all the elders were laying on each other asleep, it was really funny!
Okay so I'm  just going tell you now i love it here! seriously! I'm in the mtc and I've only been here for a week but this is the best decision of my life!!! What's better than studying and preaching the gospel 24/7?!?!? nothing!!!
My companion is sister Koford. she is from Utah(shocker)! haha. Most of the people here are pacific islanders or Filipinos!!! They are soooo awesome! I love their culture!! Another companionship is staying with us in our room and they are from Fiji!!! I've made good friends already from Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Tonga,Samoa, and Philippines! pacific islanders are awesome! they are so loud and crazy but in a great way of course! when we have gym time you can play volleyball. well after the first day i learned not to play volleyball with them because they are so hard core! I got hit by the ball so hard! but they are so entertaining to watch!! Everyone here is just super nice. I'm so grateful for that!!
My daily schedule goes something  like this:
wake up at 5 (I'm always the first awake)
breakfast and roll call at 6:10.
then we have personal study and class study until lunch. then more studying then gym then dinner then more studying!!! my day is pretty much all studying and a few times eating!!! i get really tired but just have to get over it cuz there aint no time to sleep!!
Gym time is really great. it's the one hour where we just get to really have fun and not stress! plus my basketball skills are getting pretty great...haha not really...everyone had a good laugh the other day when i played with them....but i had fun so that's all that matters right?? :) haha.
so lets talk food. rice, rice and more rice! every meal! Egg...with rice. pork....with rice........beef ....with rice! the food is actually good! i was worried about it being crazy but here in the mtc we are spoiled! but not nearly as spoiled as the Provo mtc!!!
I love the mtc here tho because there aren't very many o f us ! so we pretty much all know each other and have become really close! its just been such an uplifting experience so far!
One night we had a devotional broadcasted from the mtc in Provo.elder Neil Anderson spoke. he spoke on the spirit! it was really great!
So we practice teaching investigators....its great! its a bit frustrating when you want to tell them your feelings and bear your testimony but you cant. the language barrier is a bit frustrating but i know it will get better soon! its only been a week!! :)
Everyday here at the mtc I feel the spirit and i am reassured this is where i am supposed to be ! so cool! Thanks for all your love and support and sorry no pictures this week! :( (left my camera in my room)

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