Monday, November 3, 2014

"For any of you girls who are thinking about going....GO!"

Hello! Sister Peavler here!! I'm excited to tell you about being here in the Philippines! I love emailing! It's when i  reflect on all that I've learned, and my testimony grows stronger every time i do that! 
my highlights.....

1.) 12 weeks! My 12 weeks of training is over! So fast!! This week I will find out if me and my trainer are separated/transferred. It's been 12 weeks I'll never forget! The mission is a wonderful thing. For any of you girls who are thinking about going....GO! You wont regret it!!!! The biggest thing I've learned during my training is that this gospel, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! Of course I knew this before I came here! that's why I'm here! but a testimony is a living breathing thing that needs nourishment! and my testimony has been oh so nourished these past 12 weeks! You may say "Well of course Sister Peavler! You're a missionary" and that's true but you really have to recognize things to have and keep a testimony. Heavenly Father can pour out blessings to you but if you don't ever recognize them, then you don't realize the blessings of the gospel! but reflecting on these past 12 weeks, I again come to know this is Christ's church. There's struggles every day. but there's miracles every day. Every single day Heavenly Father's hand is in our life, we just have to stop and notice it! I love a quote from elder Bednar that says we should pray every day to have eyes to see and ears to hear every miracle in each day! It really makes a difference when you notice these things! You realize how aware Heavenly Father is of you! Man! I just love the gospel! Of course there are challenges here. Every day! But when I think of what I know, no challenges matter anymore! I've been thinking a lot about Job from the bible lately. He had everything and everyone against him. Yet above all, he lifted his voice and declared that he knew his Redeemer liveth! I love that and hope I can always follow his example. He knew what really mattered. That was his relationship with our Savior. 

2.) Hallowchristmas!!!! In September here, they start playing Christmas music! It's crazy! I was confused when we go to the mall and see Halloween decorations and costumes but Christmas music playing in the background! They just love Christmas here! 

3.) Tender mercies...back to the Lord being so aware of you....I see it so much here! There are many dogs here! that bark like crazy at night to all people who walk by. When my companion walk by they usually just look or don't even notice us. There are even a couple dogs in our neighborhood who walk us to our house at night! And then one of them sleeps outside our house to guard us! We didn't plan this! We aren't allowed to have pets! but they just come to our house and guard us! Also it obviously rains here...and sometimes really really hard! but often it will pour really hard during a lesson...but then we when are finished and go outside to walk to the next appointment, it stops raining. or just barely drizzles. we always get where we need to go safely! and our home couldn't be in a more safe spot! :) 

4.) Dog! So this is gonna sound evil....but I ate dog! I had to try a bite! The chance will never come again! It was the most emotional meal of my life! haha!!! I just thought about a dog and then it tasted really gross. I took like 2 bites then couldn't take the guilt any longer! haha...and the slimy taste of the soup.....:/ my problem is I always say "masarup!" When people feed me. Masarup means delicious! So then the people keep putting food on my pate! The other night our investigator fed us and I kept saying Masarup! because of course I wanna be nice! But i was so full then she dumped like a whole bucket of rice on my plate! It's quite humorous actually! After I laughed about it with my companion and came to the conclusion to not say Maserup so many times so they wont keep dumping food on my plate! haha. but its a blessing! when we first got here, no one hardly ever fed us. but now so many people do! Even our investigators! 

5.) Angeles! So we got to travel to Angeles and listen to leaders of the church in the Philippines speak. Some missionaries put the most beautiful version of "Joseph Smith's prayer" together! it was the piano, violin, and then some missionaries sang. The spirit was so strong!!! I remembered when I visited the sacred grove before when i was in new york. I'm so grateful for that experience! You don't have to go there, to have a testimony of the first vision obviously. but it was such a special experience and hearing the song reminded me of it! 

well there always more to write but its about that time to get off so ill send some pictures! thank you for your love and prayers!


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