Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Week Full of Miracles

Hello all! 

This week was full of miralces!  and i cant wait to share them!!

1.) FOLLOW UP 200! This is a new program my mission is using. instead of focusing on like 3 to 4 communities we are now told to just stay in like 2. and every single day we are to visit our investigators. when we visit them , we either read with them from the Book of Mormon, or we sing for them. but every day we are supposed to have contact with them! This is a crucial time for the Philippines Angeles mission! the goal at the beginning of this year was to baptize 1,650 people! right now we are at about 1,250. through calculations, each companion ship is accountable for 4 baptisms before january 1! My president had a special meeting with us this week. he said a few months ago he wasn't sure that we could make this goal happen. but now, he has no doubt in his mind! The missionary spirit is so strong here! It's awesome! We are all working so hard to find those 4 souls we can bring unto Christ! our president told us that we will do this through laser focus and trusting the Lord. The Lord set this goal! They aren't just numbers, but his children! anyways this program had been trusted and now our whole mission started it. It's awesome!!

2.) Beth! Beth is 17, she will be baptized on saturday!!! We are so excited! The fact she will get baptized is truly a miracle! Her family is not supportive of her joining the church. and we were all a bit concerned how she was going to get her guardians signature. but the other night she felt like it was the right time to confront her dad, and her dad signed it with no problems. We were so relieved when she brought the signature to church yesterday! me and my companion squeezed her so tight! We know she is so ready for this time in her life! 

3.) Family! Finding families here in the mission is always a special experience! and guess what! We found a family this week! We've begun teaching the mom, dad, and 2 of their sons. I know the Lord led us to them! The father told us he has been wanting to visit the Mormon church but he didn't want to go alone and is shy. But now that he knows us, he will come! The mom was given a book of Mormon a while ago actually, and has read some of it! we have such a great feeling about this family!! People are waiting everyday to hear Heavenly Father's plan for them! I'll keep you updated on this family:) 

I have to go! but I'll share more next week! I love you all! and thank you for your love and support!!!

love, Sister Peavler :)

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