Monday, December 1, 2014

There is hope through the atonement!

hello! happy late thanksgiving! unfortunately the only turkey here was a wild one....but it was still a good day ;)

1.) The day of Thanksgiving I had exchanges with a sister training leader. It was an extra great day! We found 2 new investigators (through a the missionaries in your ward!) Anyways i love seeing the hunger people have for the gospel! we were teaching them and one girl had to get up and do something and she went so fast so she could be back as soon as possible to hear the lesson. i could see the yearning for truth through the excitement in her eyes! We left the house with both of them scheduled to be baptized in January! 

2.) Sister Hewlett! So she's so great! She's an investigator about 20 years old. The more we teach her the more i realize how much yearning for hope people have in the world. How so many people have no hope. They don't know that all can be made right through the atonement. That's why I'm so happy I'm here, so people know this. Anyways on sunday we were walking to pick up another investigator for church, And sister Hewlett was out side hosing off her front porch. We invited her to come to church again and she accepted! So she came to sacrament meeting and it was branch conference (mom I played the piano for the ward choir) our stake president spoke and a couple other leaders! She told us she really liked the talk about improving our testimony of Jesus Christ. Really knowing our Savior. which reminds me I've been reading "Jesus the Christ" when ever i have even a minute of spare time...which isn't often, I pick it up! Ive been skipping around in it and recently read bout the parables that Jesus Christ taught. I like the one about the seeds being cast on to four different types of ground and soil. at the end of the parable the author (talmage i think?) mentions it doesn't say that the ground the seeds get cast on are definite. like the Thorny ground can be made healthy again. The dried ground can become fresh again. This is what I've been thinking a lot about lately. About the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

no matter where you are maybe some stony places or thorny...that's not the end. You can change! I think that why the story of the prodigal son is my favorite.When the son returns he gets the BEST from the father. The father doesn't say " well you did return, but you did this in the past" instead he rejoices and gives him the best! watch this!

and this! the best Christmas present

i wish i had time to write more about my week but i got to go! love sister peavler
Savanna received her Christmas package and couldn't wait to open it!
Thanksgiving Day Slush!

Street outside Savanna's house

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